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How can I upload logo to my presentation screen?
With our PRO or PREMIUM (https://www.sli.do/pricing) package, you can customize ... more
How can I change the theme of the Present view?
If the default colors don't suit your event you can choose from our available th... more
What is the maximum number of questions (poll results) that I can see at the same time?
The maximum number of displayed questions/poll answers is 6. You can adjust the... more
What kind of branding can I have with PRO or Premium package?
With PRO or PREMIUM (https://www.sli.do/pricing) package you can add logo of you... more
How can I display (upload) multiple sponsors in the presentation view?
If you would like to display multiple logos of your partners on the presentation... more
How can I display the partners logos in the presentation view?
If you are preparing your PRO or PREMIUM (https://www.sli.do/pricing) event, you... more
How can I delete (remove) the partners (sponsors) logos from the Presentation View?
To remove your partners´ logos from the Presentation view, please: 1. Go to ... more
How can I display questions while I’m in full-screen mode?
In order to have the best possible experience with Slido, we strongly recommend ... more
How do I show different rooms in the presentation view?
1. Go to _Present view_. ------------------------- 2. Scroll dow... more
How do I display the presentation view screen?
1. Log in to your Slido account at www.slido.com --------------------... more