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How do I set up multiple rooms in my event?

The Multiple rooms feature allows you to use Slido at multiple sessions at the same time. You can manage audience questions and polls for each room separately at meetings or events with multiple tracks.

  • We recommend having a person administering each room where Slido is being used.
  • Any changes in Event settings will be the applied to all rooms.

Create and delete 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Multiple rooms
  3. Create new rooms and choose colors to distinguish them
  4. To delete a room click on the bin icon next to the room
💡We do not recommend deleting any rooms to make sure captured data stays available to you. Instead, you can disable the room.

Activate/Deactivate rooms

You can activate or deactivate the rooms during your event depending on when you need them. To do that, use the toggle button in Settings and click Save

Managing activity in rooms

Each room has its own Questions, Polls and Analytics tabs. You can choose which room you want to set up or manage in your Admin dashboard.

Display a room from Present view

To show the Questions or Polls on the screen,  simply select the room you wish to administer in Present view.

How does it work for the participants?

When joining your event with the event code, your attendees will be asked to choose the room they want to participate in. To switch to a different room, they need to select one of them from the drop-down menu at the top.