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Test your Slido event

Before your conference or meeting starts, we recommend testing Slido. During your rehearsal, you can display the questions or poll results live on-screen to check if everything runs smoothly. You can start testing immediately after your purchase

You'll need 2 devices to test Slido:

  • A computer to display Slido Present mode
  • A second device to send questions and activate polls in your Admin


First - display Slido Present mode on screen

Open Slido Present mode in your browser and connect your computer to the projector. If there is a technician on site, ask them to display Slido on the main screen in the venue or a conference room.


Second - send testing questions to Slido

Once you can see Slido on the main screen, use your smartphone to enter your event and send in some testing questions to make sure they appear in real time and the experience is fast. We recommend turning off the moderation during the testing so questions appear automatically on the screen.

💡You can send your event link to your colleagues so they can access it and submit a couple of testing questions during your rehearsal

Then - try sending poll votes

Log in to the Admin on your smartphone and activate a poll by clicking the play button. Cast a vote to see the results update in real time and make sure everything runs smoothly.    

Finally - delete testing questions and reset poll results

Once you finish testing, simply delete all submitted testing questions and reset poll results to make sure they don't appear in your Analytics page.




💡Are you ready for live event? Make sure you tick the boxes in the onsite checklist

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