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What is a word cloud?

Word cloud allows you to identify the most frequently used words sent via an open text poll. It creates a "heat map" of the most popular words or phrases that resonate with your audience.

Inside this article:

Create a word cloud

  1. Click Create poll
  2. Select Word cloud
💡Take a look at poll templates and use word cloud at your next meeting

Create a word cloud video tutorial

💡To allow participants to send multiple responses to the same poll question, check Allow multiple answers option

How does it look on the Present view?

Word cloud on Present view example

💡The size of the word changes dynamically depending on how many times your attendees submit it.

How to moderate text entries in an open text poll?

Moderate word cloud answers video tutorial

💡Submitted words need to be at least 3 characters long to appear on the live screen. Swear words won't go through at all.

Pro Tips

  • Hide the results at the beginning to prevent people from influencing each other with their answers.
  • Agree on the unified format of the words or phrases. Even slight alteration may cause a mismatch. 
  • Use the word cloud feature for one-worded or short responses to get the best experience on screen.