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How can I add Slido into a PowerPoint presentation?

You can bring live polls or questions directly to your PowerPoint presentation using the Slido PowerPoint add-in and smartphone as a remote control. 

PowerPoint integration is currently in BETA, so make sure to test it well before using it at any real event or meeting

Supported versions: PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack 1 or higher, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac or Microsoft Office 365

What to consider when using the PowerPoint add-in:

  • The integration does not work on some subversions of PowerPoint
  • If you encounter any problems, use our Switcher instead to switch between Slido and your presentation

Step 1 - Install Slido add-in

  1. In PowerPoint, go to Insert - Get Add-ins (Windows) / Store (Mac OS)
  2. Search Slido and click Add
  3. Complete the installation

Step 2 - Add Slido to any of your slides

  1. Add a new blank slide to your presentation
  2. From the menu, go to Insert - My Add-Ins, and select Slido
  3. Enter the event code of your Slido event

🔒Slido add-in does not work with SSO or SAML protected events

Step 3 - Use your smartphone to activate polls and display questions

If you're a solo presenter, log in to Slido Admin on a secondary device, such as your smartphone or tablet. Each time you get to the slide with Slido in your presentation, you can either activate a poll or switch to live questions from that device.

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