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How does the Twitter integration work?

You can display tweets with a designated hashtag on the Slido  Present screen. First, toggle on Twitter and type in up to 6 hashtags.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Integrations
  3. Toggle on Twitter
  4. Type in the hashtag


If you dedicated more than one hashtag for your event, simply add more hashtags to your feed and all the tweets will be displayed live for the audience

Manage tweets

Enable moderation

You can moderate incoming tweets and review them before they are displayed live on the Present screen. This is how you enable the feature.

  1. Go to Twitter section
  2. Toggle on Moderation


Approve, highlight, and archive

Once you approve the tweet, it will be displayed live on the Present screen. You can then highlight it or simply hide it by clicking the archive button. Tweets can be also removed and never displayed live.


How does it work for the attendees?

Attendees can then follow the Twitter feed on their mobile devices.

Attendees can retweet and post new tweets after they've logged onto their Twitter accounts.


Present screen

Once you enabled Twitter, click the Switch view icon on your right-hand side and select Twitter.