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Learn about different modes in Slido

Your account comes with three modes that help you to set everything up, test and display what's happening in Slido:  

  • Admin mode where you approve questions and activate polls and idea topics
  • Participant mode where you check out what participants see on their devices
  • Present mode that allows you to display Slido on screen


Admin mode

Your Admin mode is the dashboard of your Slido event. You can access your event settings, manage questions, brainstorm ideas and create polls directly from here. Also, you can export your data and easily display the event's analytics.


Participant mode

The Participant mode is how participants interact with your Slido event. Use the Participant mode preview in your dashboard to see your event from the perspective of your participants. You can see how your Audience Q&A, Ideas and Polls will be displayed on the participants' devices and test how everything works for your audience before the event starts.


Present mode

When it's time for your presentation, use Present mode to display your Audience Q&A, Ideas and Polls. If you're running a remote meeting or teaching an online class, you can share your screen while displaying Present mode. If you're running a hybrid or in-person event, you can project Present mode on a screen behind the speakers.

💡 Don't forget to go fullscreen. It just looks so much better.


Useful information and tips: 

  • Tip 1: Understanding new events
    When creating an event, you have two options.

    1. Quick event leads to Present mode where you can add new polls instantly, or simply display and manage incoming audience questions. This is especially useful if you need to create last-minute interaction on the spot. 

    2. Schedule event option opens Admin mode where you can prepare and test everything in advance. 


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