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Learn about different modes in Slido

Your account comes with three parts that help you to set everything up, test and display what's happening in Slido:  

  • Admin view where you approve questions and activate polls and idea topics
  • Participant mode where you check out what participants see on their devices
  • Present mode that allows you to display Slido on screen


Admin view

Your Admin view is the dashboard of your Slido event. You can access your event settings, create polls and manage questions directly from here. Also, you can export your data and easily display the event's analytics.


Participant mode

Your Participant mode provides a perspective of your participant. You can see how your Questions and Polls will be displayed in the participants' devices and perform internal testing before the event starts.


Present mode

Your Present mode represents the main presentation (projection) screen at your event. Once you set up the Present mode and connect your computer to the projector, the Questions, Ideas, and Polls will be displayed here in real-time during your Q&A, brainstorming, and polling sessions.

💡 Don't forget to go fullscreen. It just looks so much better.


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