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Use Slido for remote meetings

To include your remote teams and make them part of your meetings, you can use Slido to allow them to ask questions and vote in polls. It's a great way to keep everyone engaged and give them a voice to share their comments and valuable insights.

Here's how you set it up.


Step 1 - Create your event and include the link in your conference call

First, create your event and generate a direct link that you can include in your calendar invite. You colleagues can start posting questions ahead of the meeting which helps you understand the topics they'd like to address.


Step 2 - Launch your online meeting platform and start sharing your screen

Launch your video conference app and start sharing your screen so even the remote teams can easily follow your presentation and see the questions and live poll results. At Slido, we use Zoom.

⭐️ Protip: Connect your computer to the projector to display the shared screen also for your live audience.


Step 3 - Launch Switcher on your computer and log in to your event

Switcher will allow you to seamlessly switch between your presentation and Slido questions and polls. Launch Switcher, start your presentation on fullscreen and once you activate the poll, results will be displayed live on your computer screen and for your audience.

Ensure you run your presentation on fullscreen


Step 4 - Use a secondary device to activate polls

Log in to the Admin dashboard on your smartphone device to easily activate polls and manage incoming questions.

⭐️ Protip: Here's a PDF document to help you admin your event just using your phone.


Once you activate the poll or display questions, Slido will seamlessly cover your shared screen.


Step 5 - Switch to questions to display them for your participants

At any point, you can toggle to questions and show them live on the shared screen.

⭐️ Protip: You can easily highlight a question that is being answered to ensure everyone keeps track of the discussion.



⭐️ Useful tips

  • Assign an online facilitator to make sure everyone can hear well and actively participate
  • Regularly check if there are any open questions during the meeting to acknowledge the presence of the remote teams
  • Encourage people to turn on their web cameras to make them part of the meeting