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Show the correct answer in a poll

Whether you aim to test the knowledge of your audience or simply want to engage more people with a little game, then having your audience guess the correct answer shall do the trick!

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Marking the correct answer

  1. Click Create a poll and choose Multiple choice
  2. Tick Mark correct answer
  3. Type in your options
  4. Hover on the option and choose Mark as correct


Revealing the answer

Once you activate your poll and attendees send their votes, you can reveal the correct answer. Simply hover on your poll and click the check icon.

🚀 Hide the results before you start your poll to make sure attendees are not influenced by each other


Displaying the correct answer on the screen

The correct answer will be automatically highlighted on Present mode and a check mark will appear next to it.

💡Lock the voting to stop people from sending their votes while you present the results but do watch the counter in the top-right corner to make sure everyone's voted

The participants will be able to see the correct answer on their devices. Here's an example: 

Participant view with correct answer example


Exporting the results

If you’re running a contest, check off the option to require name from your participants before you run your polls. Then export the results per user to see how people voted.

You'll see the correct answers marked as "1".

Poll results per user example in Excel

Poll per user export is available only for the Pro, Premium, Corporate, Enterprise, Teacher, Department and Institution plans


Use Excel Spreadsheet to create a leaderboard

Tracking down the score of the participants will help you to see who got the most answers right and announce the winners in a few minutes. To do so, you'll need the Poll per user export Excel file.

  1. Open the Sheet of your specific room
  2. Select the data in the column "Total Correct Answers"
  3. Rightclick, go to Sort and Sort Largest to Smallest
  4. Tick Expand the Section and Sort

💡 The look of the tools and leaderboard might differ if you use an older version than Excel 365


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