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Tips for Moderators: How to Use Slido at the Event


Introducing Slido is critical for getting your attendees onboard and having them use the tool during the event.


You can either do it yourself using the script below or just play them the following video.  


"At this event, we want to make sure we address your most burning questions and issues. Therefore, we'll be using a tool called Slido that allows you to submit your questions and upvote the ones you like the most. Throughout the event, you will also be able to express your opinion by voting on live polls.


Let’s try one now.

Please take out your smartphones and connect to the WiFi

Open the web browser

Go to www.slido.com and enter the event code


And we would like to know..."


Warm up polls

Then run a test poll. We recommend asking a simple, yet relevant question. For your inspiration, watch this brief video.


You can think of Slido as the GPS system. By allowing the audience to ask and vote on the submitted questions, Slido can show you which direction attendees want the discussion to evolve. There are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • The audience questions are automatically sorted by the popularity, but you can highlight any of the lower-ranking questions and bring it to the top.
  • You can either read the questions from the presentation wall or straight from your smartphone or tablet. In the latter case, join the event by going to slido.com, entering the event code and you’ll see all incoming questions.

Most importantly, make sure to use at least a few of the questions that your audience sent via Slido. Should you neglect or overlook them, the audience members can refrain from posting more questions in the future.


If you’re running out of the Q&A time, try to at least briefly comment on them.


Thank you for your questions, I encourage you to vote for the questions you want to hear answered as we may not have time to answer all of them.


All the unanswered questions will be used during the panel at the end.


Panel Discussions

Slido works particularly well during panel discussions.

To make your panel truly interactive, have your attendees submit their questions right from the start and incorporate them as early as within the first 10 minutes.


You can also boost the interaction and create valuable insights by live polling. Run a live poll to gauge audience opinion and then let your panelists share their views based on the poll results.


For more panel discussion tips, read this article.

Advanced Tips

You can also create a discussion within your audience and bring in their take on the topic. Run the poll that will divide the audience into two opposing groups and let them share their opinions. Naturally, have your panelists join the talk too.

Sample poll questions:
Is our industry innovating enough?

Who is better at public speaking?