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Use Slido with Prezi

To integrate Slido with Prezi, you can use Switcher - a desktop app that allows you to integrate any presentation format or a video with the Slido Present mode.

Here's a step by step guide.

Step 1 - Install and launch Switcher

Download Switcher here, install it on your main computer and simply let it run in the background. 

Slido Switcher

Step 2 - Connect your computer to a projector or a secondary screen

To display your Prezi and Slido's Present mode, use a projector that you connect to your computer.

Step 3 - Start your online Prezi presentation

Go to your Prezi account and start your presentation that you would like to present just like you would normally do.

Prezi presentation

⭐️ Presentations on fullscreen look so much better, make sure you enter it

Step 3 - Use your smartphone as a remote control

Open a browser on your smartphone, log in to your Slido account and use it to display questions or polls.


Step 4 - Activate a poll

Go to polls on your phone and activate yours. Slido Present mode with the results will be automatically displayed on your screen. When you deactivate it, you'll go back to your presentation exactly where you left off.


Activate Slido polls         Prezi Presentation with Slido

Step 5 - And display questions

Click the switch view icon and select questions.

Display Slido questions

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