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How do I moderate ideas in Slido?

This is a BETA version of the feature. You can request an early access with all our plans.

Using the moderation feature, you can review and filter out submitted ideas before they appear live on a presentation screen and on your participants’ devices.

If you’re using the Ideas feature to crowdsource your team’s ideas before your meeting, there’s no need to turn on the moderation.


Step 1 - Turn on moderation

First, go to Settings, select Ideas under Features and turn on moderation. Submitted ideas will start appearing on the left side of your Admin as you can see in Step 2.


Step 2 - Approve or dismiss incoming ideas

To display them live to your colleagues or attendees, you can click the approve icon. If you don't want to approve it, simply click the dismiss icon.


Step 3 - Highlight and archive them

Once you’ve approved the idea, you can highlight the one that is currently being discussed or commented on. Then, easily hide the question by clicking the box icon.


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