Event Settings

How do I access event settings?
- Go to My Events - Select your event - Click on #hashtag of your event at t... more
How do I change the event code?
You can customize your event by changing the event code. This is how you can ch... more
How do I disable features?
Some organizers or meeting owners decide to use Slido only to poll their audienc... more
How do I duplicate my event?
Your events can be duplicated. All information such as multiple rooms, created p... more
How do I delete an event?
- Go to My events - Click the Options icon - Select Delete - Confirm by cl... more
How do I enable cookies for my browser?
Cookies are small files stored on your device which are essential for running Sl... more
How do I capture names of the participants voting in polls?
💡Available from our Pro, Corporate and Teacher plans If you're running a contes... more