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Present with Slido

Set up your Slido Present view
The equipment you will need - Computer connected to the projector - Seco... more
Introduce Slido to your audience
Introducing Slido is very important for getting your attendees on board and havi... more
How do I display more questions in Present view?
You can increase the number of displayed questions in the Present view. This wil... more
How do I set up Slido with my presentation using the Switcher?
Works with all our plans including the free one Switcher for Mac or Windows is ... more
How do I change the order of displayed questions?
In Present view, you can display questions in four different orders: Popular, Re... more
How do I display only one highlighted question in the Present view?
- Go to Settings - Select Customization and Present view - Check Show highli... more
How do I display sponsor logo in my event?
⭐Sponsor logo feature is available for our Pro, Premium, Corporate, Enterprise, ... more
How do I administrate Slido using my phone?
If you don't want to be glued to your computer while using Slido at your event, ... more
How do I administer Slido from Present view?
💡To manage questions, polls and ideas from the Present view, you need to be logg... more
How do I set up Slido with my presentation using only one Windows computer?
Equipment setup - Your Windows computer - A projector connected to the c... more
How do I set up Slido with my presentation on a Mac?
Technical setup - Mac connected to the projector - Secondary device - ... more