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How do I share slides and files with my audience?

The Resources feature allows you to share your slides and other files with your audience in an effective and simple way. Delegates are able to download slides or other files to their devices directly from Slido.

How do I enable Resources?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Features and Toggle on Resources
  3. Go to Resources tab and upload your files

A new tab appears in the Slido Dashboard

How do I share my presentations and files?

Once your files are uploaded, rearrange them according to your needs and click the eye icon to publish them.


How do the attendees access shared resources?

Delegates are able to download the published slides on their devices. Those will open in a new tab of the browser.


Supported formats are PowerPoint and PDF and a maximum size per file is 100MB.
We haven't set any limit on how many files you can upload. Enjoy it!