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Are there any limitations in Google Slides integration?

⭐️ You can remove all the limitations by installing our free extension for Google Chrome here. The extension will allow for seamless integration without the need to switch between Google Slides and Slido, while ensuring that videos, animated transitions, and GIFs work as they should when you present.

Here's a list of limitations to keep in mind when using the Google Slides add-on, currently in beta:

  • Animated transitions on your slides will not work when you present with Slido. For now, you can replicate the transition effect by duplicating the selected slides.
  • GIFs are currently not supported either. If you insert one, it will appear as a static image on your slide.
  • Skipping slides does not work with the integration and hidden slides will be still displayed when presenting with Slido. It’s better to remove them or place them at the end of your presentation.
  • You won't be able to use hyperlinks while presenting with Slido.

Unsupported Slido functions
The 2 Slido functions not available in the integration yet are Ideas and Multiple Rooms.

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