Show the Poll results

Live polling is an effective way of keeping your audience engaged. Once the participants submit their vote or answers, the results are instantly updated in your Admin, on their device, and in Present mode. 

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Poll results in Admin mode

Once you activate a poll, you can see the poll results on the right-hand side of your admin. Or, you can click the All results button and view the results of a selected poll without the need of activating it. This is especially useful if you'd like to go through your results after the event is over.

💡 Remember the word cloud poll doesn't have a live preview in Admin, but shows the list of submissions as a quick overview in case you need to delete the irrelevant ones. 


Poll results in Present mode

Open the Present mode by clicking the green button and share your screen with your participants so everyone can see and easily follow the poll results. 

💡 Select "Present on another screen" or "Copy Present mode link" and paste it to another tab of your browser if you're using Slido remotely and manage Slido directly from your Present mode.

To change your Present mode color template, go to Settings - Customization - Present mode, or customize the look by adding your company colors and logo. 

Poll results in Participant mode

Once the participants send their answers, the results update in real-time on their devices. However, survey results will not be visible for participants at the moment. You can share your Present mode with the audience to display them. 

To access Participant mode, click the button on the left-hand side of your Admin. This is, how the poll results will look for your participants' on their smartphones:

💡 Drag the Participant mode by the top and drop it anywhere in your Admin to move it from its original place.


Useful tips

  • Tip 1: Hide results to get an unbiased vote
    Hover on your poll and click the blue "bar" icon to hide the results until you get enough votes, and prevent your audience from being influenced by the votes from others. 

  • Tip 2: Display multiple choice poll results in number of votes
    If you'd like to see how many people voted for every option rather than seeing the percentage, go to your Event Settings - Features - Polls - Poll results. This article will help if you're in doubt. 
  • Tip 3: Show survey results in Present mode
    Survey results are currently not visible for the audience on their devices. However, you can share your screen with Present mode on with them and go through the results one by one. You can control everything from a secondary device, or directly in Present mode. 


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