Run a quiz via Slido

A bit of competition can work like a charm to get your audience to pay attention and help them remember the presented information. Test knowledge of your participants or run a fun quiz during your event.

To see who got the most answers right, show the leaderboard at the end.

💡 Quizzes are currently in Beta.
Available in all plans.

This is how a typical Slido quiz is run:

  1. Create your quiz questions
  2. Activate the quiz to let your participants join
  3. Start the quiz to ask the first question
  4. Reveal the results for the first question
  5. Reveal the correct answer for the first question
  6. Proceed to the next quiz question
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6
  8. Display the leaderboard at the end of the quiz


Set up your quiz

The quiz is a set of multiple-choice polls. You'll need to add at least two options for each quiz question and mark the correct answer:

  1. In Polls, select Quiz
  2. Type in your questions and options
  3. Mark correct answers in each question
  4. Enable timer

Edit quiz questions

You can make changes to the quiz anytime by clicking the three dots next to the quiz question. 


Displaying quiz on a big screen

If you wish to display the quiz on a big screen, you'll need a computer showing Present mode while using a secondary device to navigate through the questions. Here's how to log in to admin on your phone.

Instead of a secondary device, you can also control your quiz directly from Present mode. This article tells you how.


Activate and start the quiz

Once you're all set, click the "play" icon to activate your quiz. Before jumping to the first question, make sure to wait for participants to join at using your #eventcode. You can track this on the right side of your screen.

Once everybody's in, start the quiz by clicking the blue button.

This is how it looks in Present mode:

🚀 You can move to the next phase of your quiz also directly from Present mode. Simply hit your spacebar (or enter) key.

This is how it looks for your participants:


Run the quiz

Keep an eye on the vote counter in the top right corner. Once everybody voted, click the button to display results for the first question. This will automatically lock the voting and prevent any more votes from coming in. Afterwards, reveal the correct answer and move on to the next question. 

 🚀 If you set up the timer, results appear automatically after the time is up.   

This is how it looks in Present mode:

This is how it looks for your participants:


Display leaderboard

After you went through all the questions, it's time to celebrate the winner.


This is how it looks in Present mode:

This is how your participants will see it: 


🚀 Quick tip: Get back to leaderboard

You can also display the leaderboard anytime after your quiz is finished to see the final results. Just click the three dots next to the quiz: 


FAQ's about Quizzes

  • How do I reset the testing results? 
    Just click the three dots next to your quiz and select "Reset results". You'll start from zero votes and participants again. 
  • What does the Beta version mean? 
    Quizzes are currently in development and testing phase, and we're still gathering feedback on usability and functionality before its full release. 
  • How many quizzes can I create per event? 
    Basic plan allows to create 1 quiz per event
    Private and Internal plans are limited to 3 quizzes per event)
    Pro and Premium events can have unlimited quizzes. 
    Corporate and Enterprise licenses can create unlimited quizzes per event. 
    Teacher, Department and Institution licenses can create unlimited quizzes per event. 

If you'd like to contribute to the final quizzes look and let us know what you think, send us an email to We read every single feedback!


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