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Manage Slido directly from Present mode

Using the control panel in Present mode allows you to create and run your polls, Q&A, and brainstorming sessions without a need for a secondary device. This is super helpful if you're a solo presenter and want to manage everything from a single screen. 

💡 Make sure you're logged in to your account and have a stable internet connection as Slido is fully web-based.

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Control panel options in Present mode

With Present mode, you can instantly display audience questions, ideas, and poll results in an engaging way. The control panel allows you to create and activate your poll, move to the next one, hide and lock results or switch to Q&A or ideas and back.

When you're logged in to your account and have the Present mode open, the control panel comes out at the bottom left after hovering your mouse over the screen:

  1. Log in to your account and select your event
  2. Hover over the green Present mode button in the top right corner
  3. Select Present in a new tab
  4. In Present mode, navigate to the bottom left corner for the control panel to show up 

You can easily share this window during your remote session. For an in-person event, you can simply hit Present in fullscreen. 

Here's the overview of the control panel options: 

  • The "plus" icon: select the preferred type to create your own poll, or use the lightning icon next to it for a quick, predefined poll of any type or a random quiz
  • Polls options: activate any of your existing polls, lock the voting, hide results, or go to the next or previous poll
  • Show Q&A: switch to Q&A when a poll or idea topic is activated
  • Gear icon: quickly copy the event link to send it to your participants, disable Q&A if you plan to use polls or quizzes only, or switch to Admin mode for additional settings. 

💡 You need to be logged in to your Slido account to be able to use the control panel in Present mode.


Create and run polls in Present mode

You can run polls and quizzes prepared in advance in your admin, or create new ones, directly in the Present mode. 

Create a poll from Present mode

Add your own question or use the "lightning" symbol for the quick, pre-defined one. 

To add your own poll

  1. Click the "+" button
  2. Select the poll type
  3. Enter your poll question
  4. Save for later or launch immediately

Each type of poll has a quick version that will launch the pre-defined question within 3 clicks. It works great if you're in the middle of your event and want to ask something you haven’t prepared in advance:

Multiple choice
Let your audience choose from a couple of options to learn about their preference.
Quick poll: What would you pick? Yes/No/Don’t know

Open text
Collect more inputs from your audience and ask their opinion.
Quick poll: What do you think?

Word cloud
Get a visual summary of your participants thoughts
Quick poll: Describe in one word

Check your participants' understanding of presented content to get everybody inline by a simple ranking
Quick poll: Rate from 1 to 5

Set of 5 randomly chosen questions, each with 3 options and one correct answer. The participants have 20 seconds to answer the question until the voting closes. Whoever gets the most questions right in the shortest time will end up at the top of the leaderboard at the end. 

To launch a quick poll, hit the "+" button, navigate to your preferred poll type and click the "lightning" icon next to it: 

💡 Click the "gear" icon and select Switch to Admin panel for more poll options and Event settings. 


Run your polls

To activate your poll or quiz, click the green "play" button and the red "stop" button to deactivate it. You can find the list of your polls under the arrow next to the actual poll number:

💡 Click the three dots in the poll list to edit, duplicate, reset, or delete your selected poll.

Hide the results while your audience is voting by clicking the bar icon, so they're not influenced by the submissions of the others, and reveal them when you’re ready. To prevent the audience from casting any more votes while the results are being discussed, simply lock the voting.


🚀 Quick tip: Use your keyboard to activate/deactivate your polls or run the quiz: 
You can also use your keyboard to control the polls. Use spacebar (or enter) to activate a poll and left/right arrows to move back and forth. If a poll is active, hitting the spacebar (or enter) will deactivate the poll. If your live poll is a quiz, this will activate its next phase.

To activate keyboard control, you first need to click at least once using your mouse in the Present mode.


Manage Q&A in Present mode

Remember to turn off the moderation before your session, otherwise, new questions won't be displayed in Present mode. Once you receive questions from the participants, they will appear on the screen right away unless any of your polls or idea topics are active.

If you're not using Q&A during your event, or don't want to receive any more questions, simply click the gear icon and disable the feature. The questions tab will disappear from the participants' devices. 

Here's an example: 


Switch from polls to Q&A

You can switch from polls to questions and back anytime, highlight the question that's being answered and send it to the archive afterwards. To display the audience questions while a poll or idea topic is activated, navigate to the control panel and click Show Q&A:


Highlight questions and mark them as answered

Hover on the question and click the "arrow up" icon to highlight the question and pin it to the top. Afterwards, mark it as answered by hitting the "check" icon. This allows you to remove questions from Present mode and make room for the new ones.

💡 Remember the moderation needs to be turned off. Otherwise, new questions won't be displayed in Present mode.


Activate an idea topic

Finally, you can also activate or deactivate brainstorming topics in Present mode. To do that, you need to enable the Ideas feature in your Event settings and create your topics in Admin mode in advance. Learn more about how to Brainstorm and collect Ideas.

To launch a topic via the control panel in Present mode, click the play button labelled "Topic":


Keyboard shortcuts for managing Slido in Present mode

Here's a short summary regarding how to use your keyboard to manage Present mode:

  • To turn on keyboard controls, enter Present mode and click anywhere on your screen
  • Space: To activate or deactivate a poll (or an idea), press the ‘space’ (or enter) key. Once a poll is live, moving the arrow keys will automatically activate the next or previous one.
  • To skip a poll, use the arrow keys. Make sure you do this before a poll is activated.
  • If you have a live quiz, pressing the 'space' (or enter) key will move to quiz's next phase.
  • To hide the control panel, click on the “X” button. Afterwards, it will appear only when you move your mouse closer to this area.


Useful tips

  • Tip 1: Good internet connection is essential
    Make sure your internet connection is stable as Slido is fully web-based


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