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How do I manage questions and polls from Present view?

To manage questions and polls from the Present view, you need to be logged into your account 

If you're a solo presenter or just out of convenience using one computer as a setup for Slido, we now allow you to manage both your questions and polls directly from the Present view.

This is how you display it.

  • Step 1 - Open your browser and type in Slido.com
  • Step 2 - Enter the event code of your event
  • Step 3 - Click Present view in the bottom left corner and go fulscreen
  • Step 4 - Hover over the top upper part and notice the control bar


Manage polls

Hover over the control bar and click Display a poll to activate your first poll question. From the Present view, you can easily hide results by clicking the charts icon or simply lock the voting.


Manage the audience questions

The Present screen by default displays the live questions posted by the audience. You can easily toggle between the polls and questions by clicking the Display questions from the control bar.


Highlight and archive

Once the questions appear on the screen, help your audience stay focused by highlighting the question that is being answered by the speaker and when it's answered, simply archive it to leave the space for new ones.


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