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How do I manage Slido from Present view?

You can manage live questions and activate polls directly from Present view. This is super helpful if you're running your PowerPoint presentation and Slido on the same computer.

💡Remember the moderation needs to be turned off. Otherwise, new questions won't be displayed on Present view


This feature is available to all users who are logged in.

  1. Log in to your Slido account and select your event
  2. Open Present view in fullscreen or in a new window (show me)
  3. Move your mouse for the controls to appear in the bottom left corner

Highlight and archive questions

Hover on the question and click highlight to pin it to the top and then click archive to hide it from Present view to make room for the new ones. This allows you to remove questions that have been already answered.

Activate polls or switch to Q&A

When working with polls, a control panel should appear on hover. It allows you to activate your poll, move to the next one, hide and lock results or switch to Q&A and back.

Activate a topic

Finally, you can also activate or deactivate topics that you create in the Ideas feature. Look for a play button labelled "Topic" in the control panel to launch it.

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