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Reply to submitted questions directly from your Admin

Available in all our plans including the free version

As an Admin, you can reply to any question your participants submit before or during the Q&A session. This way you can easily address questions that remain unanswered or simply leave a message to a question that is not relevant for the discussion.


Reply to incoming questions

  1. Go to Questions
  2. Click the three dots next to the chosen question
  3. Select "Reply as Admin"

Once you send your reply, it will appear as a reply on the sender's device. Your reply will be visible only to the author of the question and others won’t be able to see it.


Reply to unanswered questions

We set a limit of 1,000 characters per response. We hope that's enough!

If you're not able to address the remaining questions during the live event, you can post your replies using the Admin anytime after the Q&A and then send a link to everyone so they can go through the comments.

  1. Reply to all outstanding questions
  2. Go to Participant view
  3. Click "Share link" and send it to your event participants